Black Rain
Official music video for Black Rain.
A narrative based around a child's wartime dream. The song inspired haunting, emotional images - Characters from the past. A young boy in jeopardy. Oblivious to his situation, he dreams. Ghostly musicians journeying through the smoke. Will the boy join them?

Starring (in order of appearance) - Adam Nightingale, John Langridge, Annie Winter, Beau Davies, Sophie Winter and Rod Lewis

Directed, Edited, Art Directed - Andy Marsh
Costumes - Sally Winter               Visit her site
Camera - Chris Fergusson
Makeup - Francesca Bernardelle
Production - Sian Tomlinson
Location - BH24 Productions

Crew - Tim Clague, Dom Webb, Matt WInter, Rosie Box, Jack Harrison, Johnny Griffith

With Thanks to: The Nightingales, The Winters, Kim Davies, Nick from BH24 Productions, Tania LambChops, the lady that donated the piano and the dude that helped us to move it.